Who has keys to your South Shields home?

When you buy, rent, or lease a home in South Shields, your first task is to make a list of those people who may have the keys to your home. The first person is obviously the homeowner or property seller. He may hold onto the keys even after you have moved into your home and installed all the belongings in their rightful places. Home architect, plumber, gardener, electrician, and even the HVAC mechanics may have the keys since they are involved in repairs and renovations before your occupancy.

Property Seller

If you have access to the property seller, it is better to request him for handing over all the keys from the main (front and backyard) doors to the storage furniture and interior doors and windows. If you have purchased the house, they may not have any hassles in obliging your request. If you are a tenant or are on the lease, they may hesitate to hand over the keys. Then you may ask for permission to change the lock and key systems for your entire home. It is apparent that you will hand over the keys to the owner at the time of ending your tenancy.

Real Estate Agency

The real estate agent who takes responsibility for selling /renting /leasing the home to you will obviously have one set of keys. They might have borrowed them from the property owner for showing the home to the potential buyer/tenant. If you have hired their services, they will surely return the keys to your or the home-owner (if you are the tenant).

Home Renovators

You have already seen the list of probable people who may have keys to your home in South Shields. It is not practically possible to get back the keys from them, since you may not be sure.

Locksmith South Shields

Locksmith South Shields services give you the most trusted method for ensuring your home security and safety. Contact them and ask them to inspect the locks and security needs for your home. They can suggest the best way to protect your home at competitive prices.

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